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for prefilled holy communion production.

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Nabown Systems Limited was founded in the United Kingdom to meet the growing demand of pre-packaged communion cups for Churches. Our parent company Mmeyou Limited was formed in 2018 with the aim of serving the local church with hygienically packaged communion. Nabown Systems Limited provides a range of automatic and semi-automatic machines for the production of prepackaged and prefilled holy communion. 

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Want to manufacture prefilled communion cups?

Look no further. We will take out the complexity of the process and restfully guide you through the steps of manufacturing the communion bread and drink. 

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BIN 1000

Output 1000 cups/hr

Entry-level prefilled communion cups filler and sealer. Ideal for start-up company.

BIN 4000.jpeg

BIN 4000

Output 4000 cups/hr

Designed for medium to large production requirement. Linear Machine with 4 cups/drop.

BIN 6000.jpg

BIN 6000

Output 6000 cups/hr

Ideal for large production requirement, with output capacity of 6000 cups per hour.

Video of BIN 1000

Machine for Prefilled Communion

Machine for Prefilled Communion

“Great company to deal with. Good products which help us with our Covid precautions.”

Ann Clowes


“Our Church has been using single serving drink and wafers for some time and find them a very good product. The company is extremely helpful and responsive for which we are eternally grateful.”

Roy Smith

“We started using Mmeyou for our supplies as we came out of the first lockdown and have continued to do so. Bayo and team were always helpful and went over and above to ensure our orders arrived complete and in time to the correct address.I highly recommend them and have done to several other church leaders.”

Stephen C

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