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BIN 1000

Output of 1000 communion cups per hour

This is a rotary table communion cup filler and sealer that is ideal for small start-ups.

The BIN 1000 uses a manual wafer placement option to keep costing low.

This is a perfect model to pack and seal up to 1200 communion cups/hour.

BIN 4000

Output of 4000 communion cups per hour

The BIN 4000 is a linear four-lane communion cup filler and sealer machine that is designed for medium to large production requirement. This is a fully automated machine with automatic wafer placement.

The BIN 4000 model fills and seal up to 4000 communion cups/hour.

BIN 6000

Output of 6000 communion cups per hour

The BIN 6000 is a linear six-lane communion cup filler and sealer machine that is designed for large production requirement.

The machine is capable of running 6 communion cups per time to achieve an output capacity of 6000 cups/hour.

Do this in
Remembrance of Me.
1 Corinthians 11:24-25

“The holy Communion has nothing to do with what you need to do, and everything to do with having a revelation of what [Jesus has] done for you.”

“Every time we partake of the Lord’s body, we are ingesting health, vitality, strength, and long life.”


 “The answer is not found in creation [diets, nutrition, supplements]; it is found in redemption [the finished work of Jesus received through the holy Communion].”

— Joseph Prince, Eat Your Way to Life and Health.

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